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     Makes a nice Cuckoo-Clock from your HP49

Version 6.2003 - Cuckoo calls only at desired hours

Clearly, a permanently calling cuckoo at every full hour is boring. But maybe you want it at certain hours only, to remind on breakfast, lunch and dinner, say. Just put a list of reals or zints in the stack which correspond to the
desired hours and press Cuckoo. Then the cuckoo calls at the next hour which is the head of your list. For instance, with the list { 8 12 18 } Cuckoo calls daily at 8 am, at 12 pm and at 6 pm only. If you set this alarm after
8 am, the cuckoo start calling only at 8 am the other day. If you set Cuckoo before 12 pm and want listen to it already the same day, choose { 12 18 9 } as the argument list which is equivalent to the above one. Just for testing
take the list { h } where h is the next whole hour after your setting time. Numbers in the list argument should be non-negative and < 24 in clock-wise, not necessarily ascending order. Otherwise the Cuckoo may behave strange.
The Cuckoo calls with dark display in order to save the batteries. It can be interrupted with  a n y  key. To turn off the cuckoo-clock, either delete the alarm or set a time in it past to the actual one.
Cuckoo is not a traditional repeat-alarm since it repeats with variable time. You get the alarm with RCLALARM to have a look at the fairly invoved program (in SysRPL, hence you need the library extable for this).

Wolfgang Rautenberg