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This little program helps you to find builit-in messages in the HP49G/HP4G+ calculator.

Just put a search string (a word or word fragment) on the stack and run this program. It offers a choose list of all built-in messages which contain this word. Search is case-insensitive.
The scanned message together with its number will be on the stack if leaving with OK or ENTER. The number of the seleted message is a system bint but readable in any stack display.
Also the argument string is still on the stack.

You may also select several messages with the +/- key which then all will be found on the stack. Be careful after selecting because tick marks may disappear although selections are are still actual (probably a bug in the original HP48 browser with selections).

The main application of such a tool is to save bytes in programs. Using a message bint together with JstGetTHEMESG is shorter than including a string if the string contains more than 2 characters. Therefore, if your program needs to display a message, look first for a suitable built-in message.

Remark. Findmsg is also essentially a part of the library Msgman.

Version 1.1 June 5, 2002 Version 1.2 October 8 2003

Carsten Dominik

Wolfgang Rautenberg