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A small Mig-player for the HP49

MPlay is a reprogrammed extraction from the famous Mig library. Like an audio player, MPlay only *plays* music pieces, hence, is very small compared to full Mig versions. The polyphonic performance is perfect. Abort by the backspace key, not CANCEL. MPlay has a single library command only, Mplay, accepting a single argument of the following types:

(a) a valid Hexastring (HXS, the compiled source of a music peace)
(b) a BZ-compressed valid HXS (ComprHXS)
(c) a list { HXS Titlestring }
(d) a compressed list { HXS Titlestring }
(e) a list { ComprHXS Titlestring } (see below)

As a rule, (e), which is not accepted by Mig in Mig3.2, is smaller than (d).
Titlestring is an ordinary character-string, displayed before the performance starts. See Song.dir (a Mig package) or MPlayBach on hpcalc.org for examples. Only the BZ-compressor is allowed! If you use ROM version 19.6 or higher, you will see a nice ikon if chosing MPlay via the LIB key. MPlay has all functions of a good music player: left and right channel extra, stop and go on F1 - F4, fast and slow wind and rewind on the arrow keys.

The original Mig.2 library and MPlay have the same number (1053) because only one of them is needed. Nevertheless, both libs can peacefully coexist on a 49 when living in different ports. The operating system selects the library from the lower port. E.g., if MPlay lives in port 1 and Mig3.2 in port 2, CAT shows only Mplay (even with HELP!), no Mig3.2 commands, and the menu on the LIB key contains MPlay only.

Thanks to the author of MIG for his impressing creation of polyphonic sounds for the HP-calculators equipped with a plain beeper only.

Wolfgang Rautenberg