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Rev. 0.8

NEW in Version 0.8: Minifont added; now MFtog program toggle both system font and minifont. Small design adjustments and chars moving. Changed the ID of the font to 01. Text below revised.
NEW in Version 0.7: Font object deleted. MFTog renamed to Mathfont.
NEW in Version 0.6: Many new Math Symbols added. Character map redesigned only for MathFont symbols, hence remains compatible with the builtin System Font. Added MFtog (see below).
NEW in Version 0.4: Various graphic/design adjustment and small letter adding.
NEW in Version 0.3: Very first public version of mathfont.

MFtog (2.4 KB) toggles, at the same time, current builtin Font8 and Minifont with the incapsulated MathFont and MathMinifont objects. To recall these to the stack (usually not necessary) toggle in MFtog and execute  the  user-commands FONTand MINIFONT. Toggling the built-in font and minifont may change some letters in global names.
Hence,  it  may be more useful to be able to restore the builtin  Font8  and minifont  in  any  moment: for this reason a toggler is  provided,  nor  simply objects.
Note that a warmstart does not preserve an eventually font modification and sets always  a  builtin  font  and minifont. So you can think to add  MFtog  to  your STARTUP variable.

The Font
MathFont  is  designed for  mathematics  and engineering.  Roughly  speaking, it arises by replacing the multi-language support  of the builtin font by a  sample of glyphs  used in  formal and  informal mathematical  languages. See  below for preservings. Clearly, punctuation  signs are left  as they were,  and more greek letters are  added. For  reasons of  compatibility, the  character map  has been redesigned only to some extend.

The order followed for adding new characters  is the  following,  starting immediately  after the available  greek letters in the builtin System Font:

1  - Lowercase Greek Letters
2  - Uppercase Greek Letters
3  - Superscript Numbers                 [0,...,9]
4  - Subscript Numbers                   [0,...,9]
5  - Superscript Operators and Symbols   [+, -, =, (, ), ~, dieresis, reversed^]
6  - Dot Product symbol
7  - Subscript Operators and Symbols     [+, -, =, (, ), ~, ', cedilla]
8  - Superscript lowercase letters       [i, j, k, l, m, n]
9  - Subscript lowercase letters         [i, j, k, l, m, n]
10 - Vectors                             [i, j, k, u, v, w, n, t, b]
11 - Math Signs

Accented  or characteristic-language  letters cannot directly be created - an automated font generator would be needed for  such a purpose - but a letter can get subscripts and superscripts, as well as post- or pre-written  signs/accents of all kinds (look carefully at the char table).

Preserved characters:

- Uppercase 'A' with circle above it (Armstrong Unit Symbol = ) [CODE = 197]
- Currency symbols (US Dollar = $, Euro = , UK Pound = , Yen = [CODE = 36,160,163,165]
- Paragraph sign = modified to represent also circuitation
[CODE = 167]

How to use the Font

The primary use of MathFont is, that one can write set-theoretical or logical
formulas of all kind without any difficulty as strings.

To a limitedextend,
non-standard letters can also be used in algebraics, written, e.g., in the Equation Writer. They can also be used in global names and rompointers. MathMinifont is a porting of the Mathfont to the minifont object type. It is designed to be used in conjunction with Mathfont, so you can view your formulas,equations and names with pretty-print facility provided by Mathfont also with "small" characters (e.g. you can enable the small stack/EQW display).
Notethat characters with code smaller than 33 can't be used in names: they are
control characters and "vanish" whenever they are not included in strings.

How to modify the Font
Mathfont can be modified like any builtin font just by pressing rightshift CAT (FONT) and then F4 (MODIFY). Move the cursor with the arrow keys and toggle the presence ofa font-pixel with the dot-key (103.1). Then leave with ENTER or SCAN, or press CHR+/CHR- to alter the next/prev character. Note that hitting ON (CANCEL) deletes all the current modifications.These remain valid until the next warmstart.If you want to preserve a modified font forever, it must be recalled with FONT and stored (perhaps compressed), best in a port.F or loading use the MODES/DISP Menu or the function FONT. Math Minifont can't be directly modified, because the HP49G does not provide a built-in minifont editor as for font objects. You have to use an external editor (search at www.hpcalc.org) to modify it accordingly to Mathfont.

Federico Marziali (Kickaha), federico.marziali@tiscali.it
Wolfgang Rautenberg