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Time and world time informator and DST switcher (HP49)

VERSION 5.2003
Time Zone can be changed ad libitum, DST-switching added. 

Noon shows the world map and the noon meridian during day time in Asia, Europe and America.

Thus, it tells you where is noon at present. NOON does not depend on local time: In a given moment, somebody in Europe or elswhere sees the noon meridian at the same position as it should be. To achieve this press LA or RA (LeftArrow, RightArrow) as often as needed for setting your Time Zone. The Time Zone (TZ) is blinking in the screen together with the meridian. It is negative for those living west of England. Central Europe has TZ +1, set with RA. For US Eastern Standard Time (TZ=-5) press LA 5 times. In each step the meridian jumps 1 hour to the left. This has to be done only once. TZ remains in memory but can be changed any time. DST can be toggled with +/-. You'll see the time-jump in the Header and DST is displayed if set. It does not affect the meridian nor TZ.
It is a pleasure to watch the meridian in its slow move from East to West.

Assign NOON to a key of your choice. Whatever is made, if a key distinct from CANCEL and the mentioned ones is pressed while NOON is running, the calculator turns off. At the next switch-on NOON restarts (autostart), provided it was not interrupted by a due alarm. Convenient for having just a glance at date and time.
CANCEL aborts the run and the autostart feature. The meridian displays the median sun precise. Deviation from the true sun at most 2 pixel. We mention that NOON is essentially also a part of Timeman.

Wolfgang Rautenberg